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In this article I am going to discuss the best free software. As mentioned all programs are free for download. I will try to include downloads for all the main areas of computing, for example I will have one for antivirus, one firewall etc.

Antivirus Software
One of the best free antivirus https://useposeidon.com/ software packages currently on the market is probably Avast, this antivirus offers great protection and one of the best detection rates when compared to other antivirus programs.

Malware Remover
Malwarebytes is a great free malware remover, you can use this program for free as a stand alone remover.

Firewall Protection
A good free firewall is Outpost firewall. Probably one of the easiest to configure and set up it is very useful for newcomers to computer security.

Internet Browser
My favourite browser is Google Chrome. There are many free extensions available for Google Chrome and different ways you can customize the appearance and feel of the browser.

Link Scanner
WOT is a free link scanner. This program will scan any links when you search in Google or another search engine and determine whether they are safe, dangerous or unknown. It then provides you with a green light for good, red light for bad and an amber light for unknown.

FTP Client
Probably the best FTP client I have found would be FireFTP, this is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox.

Office Software
Open Office is a free office suite which includes all the usual programs you would find in the Microsoft counterpart.

On 25th of February Google made a change in their search algorithm. It is designed to bring higher-quality, relevant search results to users by removing content farms and spam from the rankings. Targeted sites are those currently using duplicate content from authority sites or hosting content that has been copied by a large amount of scrap sites..

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