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Your favorite color probably changes from day-to-day. Typically on Monday you wake up invigorated from your relaxing weekend, you’re full of energy and possibilities, you grab that red dress, you are going to work like your life depended  Circles on it and you’re determined to get on top and stay on top. However, by Friday you are wearing blues, greens and even blacks. All you can think about is a nice dark relaxing room, a glass of wine and someplace you don’t have to do anything.

The colors you wear affect your disposition, and can even affect your decisions. Color plays a very large part of our individual worlds and yet most of us are completely unaware of it. Here are a few examples, see if you can relate.

Imagine yourself sitting in a bright sunshine yellow cubicle trying to create a spreadsheet. Now imagine yourself in a blue cubicle doing the same thing. Which feels better? I’m guessing you said blue; it is really tough to concentrate on mundane tasks when yellow is bouncing all around. (Although accents of yellow do freshen and relieve monotony.)

Imagine yourself on stage performing in a talent show and you have control of selecting your backdrop colors of purple or green. Which do you select? Most likely if you are under 20 you will select purple. Purple says (psychologically) to the world “I’m searching for my identity”. Green says “I am presenting to you who and what I am”. Most youths choose purple because they have not gained the confidence needed to present themselves.

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